Arthur Falcone – Stargazer

  It was 1998 when we received a proposal from our friend Arthur Falcone, to publish his first solo album, a very beautiful record, a neoclassical style but with pieces that were not a display of mere virtuosity but real songs. The icing on the cake is the participation of [READ MORE]

Daniele Liverani

Daniele Liverani – Viewpoint

We finally manage to publish digitally VIEWPOINT the first solo album by Daniele Liverani.  Daniele is well known for his activity with Empty Tremor with whom he made three albums (the second one on Elevate Records) before leaving the group to focus on a solo career LISTEN AND BUY Viewpoint [READ MORE]


Gravestone Simphony of Pain and Proud to be Dead Digitally Reprinted

Gravestone’s first two works are digitally reprinted and available for Elevate Records. Symphony of Pain is the band’s first historical work originally released in 1994. An avant-garde record for the time and which still gives us seven tracks of powerful and precious old school death metal. LISTEN AND BUY Proud [READ MORE]

Elevate Records

Gravestone ‘Symphony of Dead’ and new video

THE NEW WORK  : Simphony Of Dead   Gravestone’s latest work is this strange but intriguing mix between a lyric video and a real video clip, recordered, worked and post-produced by Giovanni Masotti and Daniele Coccia of “Videò”. You will be overwhelmed by a river of notes, sensations and emotions [READ MORE]

Devious Mine

Devious Mine : ‘Fulgor’

After the excellent response of “Exilium” the debut album released in 2018 by Underground Symphony, Devious Mines are back with “Fulgor” a new single accompanied by a video.   The Exilium video was fun, made on a budget but with passion, with custom-made Playmobil characters, leftovers from Christmas decorations and [READ MORE]

Empty Tremor

New Deal ! Gravestone

Elevate Records proud to announce that #Gravestone has signed a contract that will see them collaborate on upcoming albums. Something is coming down the pike, and we will communicate the next few days, so stay tuned and follow us. The Gravestone are: – Marco Borrani- Guitar – Gabriele Maschietti (Crystal [READ MORE]


AETHERNA : Sounds From Nowhere Single and LYRIC VIDEO

Elevate Records is proud to announce the first single and Video Lyric Form Aetherna : ‘Sounds From Nowhere’ This is a Radio edit version of the song that will be released in the forthcoming album Darkness Land that will be released in September LISTEN AND BUY         [READ MORE]

Elevate Records

Timestorm : Shades Of Unconsciousness (2019 Remastered)

ER-04012 Release date 31/05/2019 LISTEN AND BUY Finally available in digital format on all major platforms “Shades of Unconsciousness”, the debut album by Timestorm, practically impossible to find on CD at the moment. TIMESTORM is a band founded in 1997 by Fabrizio “Faber Troy” Troiano (solo guitar), Marco Migliaccio (rhythm [READ MORE]


NEW DEAL: Aetherna!

  We are pleased to announce the signing for Elevate Records by Aetherna. Aetherna is an Italian metal band from Rome and plays a heavy metal ranging from Gothic metal to classic Hard Rock and characterized by the powerful female voice of Germana Noage. The other members of the group [READ MORE]