Order Of Minerva – First Single

A new and promising band joins the Elevate Records Roster. “Order Of Minerva” was born during the dark era of lockdown with the aim of bringing a new light of hope to Melodic Metal. They are characterized by the presence of a charming but aggressive front woman and a team of skilled [READ MORE]


Revealing Chaos Join Elevate Records

Revealing Chaos, a band that plays a powerful and melodic progressive metal, sign for Elevate Records. Their first single, SHIFTED FOUNDATIONS, is released on all digital platforms. It will be followed shortly by a video clip.         https://li.sten.to/revealingchaos



 Ephemeral from Rome joins the Elevate Records roster and their first album, Guiding Ghost will be released on all digital platforms and on digipack CD on May 27th. Ephemeral are formed by Arianna De Lucrezia, Gabriele Catania, Francesco Ciancio (Sailing To Nowhere) and Matteo Morini. The line-up was born under [READ MORE]


The Chronomaster Project

Elevate Records is happy to announce that The Chronomaster Project have signed an agreement for the short-term release of their debut album: THE ANDROID MESSIAH THE PROJECT The Chronomaster Project aims to be a different and innovative metal work, an interstellar journey to discover the universe of the Chronomaster and its adventures.The innovative aspects [READ MORE]

Dark Legion

Dark Legion first album will arrive soon

Debut album by Greek speed metallers DARK LEGION will arrive on Elevate Records during the first quarter of 2022 The Dark Legion were formed in Volos (Greece) from an idea of Spiros Rizos (already with EVIL KING).Their music is a powerful and melodic speed / power metal with strong neoclassical influences. The first [READ MORE]

Alexander Layer

Alexander Layer New Album : “Sounds From The Lab Vol 1”

The new Alexander Layer album is out today on all digital platforms.“Sounds From The Labs, Vol 1” is a quite different record from the previous works, which have a neoclassical sound, and is presented as a collection of demos and small tracks from a few minutes, composed during the last year of [READ MORE]


Chronosfear on Elevate Records

We are pleased to announce that Chronosfear‘s second album will be released in early 2022 on Elevate Records. !   The album is entitled “The Astral Gates Pt. 1 – A Secret Revealed”. It is the first part of a two chapters concept, based on a short story written by [READ MORE]

Elevate Records

Espada Join Elevate Records

We are happy to announce a new band on the Elevate roster. These are the Chilean ESPADA who will soon come out with their debut album “Caleu” in digital and physical format. Espada are Lucas Fermandois on bass and fretless, Nicolas Young, guitars, keyboards and singing and Carlos Pereira on drums. They plays [READ MORE]

Elevate Records

Wahnsinn Industries

    Wahnsinn Industries join the Elevate family and do it with a BANG!!! In fact, the new single, DREAMS, is released today on all digital platforms and, to accompany it, there is also a splendid visualizer.   WI’s music swings from cruel death metal to big beat to new [READ MORE]