Order Of Minerva – First Single

A new and promising band joins the Elevate Records Roster.

“Order Of Minerva” was born during the dark era of lockdown with the aim of bringing a new light of hope to Melodic Metal.

They are characterized by the presence of a charming but aggressive front woman and a team of skilled musicians dedicated to power progressive metal although influenced by many other genres.
The whole project is a concept based on all the contradictions of modern society: the loneliness of mankind caused by social networks and other tools of isolation, exploitation of the earth’s resources, lack of goals for the younger generations and to do this the project sets all the events narrated in the songs in the not too distant future where water has become the most precious and expensive thing for humanity.
Cities are small strongholds in endless sandy deserts where large multinationals manage everything with violence, indifference and injustice and the poor try to survive. “Order of Minerva” is a secret group of insurgent anarchists who aim to share resources equally with everyone, but violence brings violence.

Order of Minerva will release a series of singles starting from September which will then compose an entire work that will see the light in the form of full length albums.

The first single, ARMY OF THE LOST, will see the light on digital platforms on September 23rd 


Elisabetta Furlanetto ( vocals )
Enrico Antonello ( guitars )
Gilles Boscolo ( keyboards )
Gianpaolo Falanga ( bass )
Andrea Zen ( drums )