DGM : ‘Wings Of Time’ (2019 Remastered)


Release date 10/05/2019


Wings of Time is the second DGM album, released in 1999. The sound becomes much more elaborate but it remains very powerful and fast. Fabio Costantino joins the drums, replacing Gianfranco Tassella, who we find here as a producer. It is a more mature album than the previous ‘Change Direction’ and it begins to outline a more mature sound. Wingd of Time is is the last album that sees Luciano Regoli at the voice with DGM and he  will leave at the end of the tour.

Credits :
Diego Reali  – Guitar
Fabio Costantino  – Drums
Maurizio Pariotti – Keyboards
Marco Marchiori – Bass
Luciano Regoli – Vocals