Rozz & Roll : New Video

Waiting for the debut album of Rozz & Roll, a granite power trio, led by the former guitar of DGM and Hevidence Diego Reali, who for the occasion is joined by Simone Tomei’s drums and Rey Noman on bass (ex Profusion), which will see the light in digital and CD format on February 7th, we anticipate the video of CALM DOWN track that also gives the title to the album.

The R&R sound is a concentrate of powerful hard rock that refers to the classics of all time, primarily Cream and Motorhead, but obviously revisiting everything in their own way. Call it hard rock? call it alternative? difficult to say, easier to listen without asking many questions.

What the R&R want to do is to have fun and entertain with direct, powerful, straightforward and no frills music. Is it just rock & roll played at insane speed, as Lemmy said? Maybe yes, but we like it!