Mindlight – N.A.M.I.

The Mindlight is a new/old Italian band that plays some excellent progressive metal. Anyone who loves old-school groups like Dream Theater, for example, won’t be able to resist loving them.

They’re new because this is their debut album, old because the band members have often been involved in the activities of other historic Italian bands (such as Projecto) and parallel projects like Chaos Venture, featuring former Labyrinth member Andrea De Paoli. Their first album, “N.A.M.I.,” is set to be released on Elevate Records by 2023, and we’re sure it will be a pleasant surprise. So, stay tuned for more news.

Line Up:

Roberto Vernazza (Rhythm guitar)

Martino Bolla (Keyboards)

Neil Carlevaro (Bass)

Giulio Smeragliuolo (Lead Guitar)

Luca Grosso (Drums)

Davide Garbarino (Vocals)