Celtic Hills

Rod Sacred -Rod Sacred

The digital ‘reissue’ of the first, legendary, 1990 album by Rod Sacred is released today on all platforms. you can listen / download it at the following link http://smarturl.it/wf07fu And now a bit of history :): after a professional Demo tape – entitled 1988 – which was very successful with [READ MORE]

Celtic Hills

Verde Lauro – 6 Aprile

We are happy to announce the release of ‘6 Aprile‘, the second album by Verde Lauro, created by the Italian-Swiss singer Fabrizio Sassi, which follows the debut album ‘Son animali al mondo’ which saw the participation of numerous guests , including Roberto Tiranti and Alessandro Del Vecchio. Unlike ‘Son animali [READ MORE]

Celtic Hills

Celtic Hills – Schräge Music

he new EP of Celtic Hills is out today for Elevate Records:   Schräge Music Schräge Musik, which may also be spelled Schraege Musik, was a common name for an automatic cannon or machine gun that fires upward, on an interceptor plane, such as a night fighter. The term was introduced [READ MORE]


Endless Nine – In Deep EndEnt

New Endless Nine album: InDeepEndEnt Preceded by the single Mirror Of Desire, the album consists of six unreleased tracks plus the remaster of their first three-track EP “Concrete” recorded and produced between Italy and Berlin by Enrico Tiberi. Endless Nine is an Italian band characterized by a new approach to [READ MORE]


Verde Lauro – Son animali al mondo digipack

  Finally available on CD, as well as in digital format, the first album of Verde Lauro ‘Son animali al mondo, featuring Emanuele Rastelli, Roberto Tiranti, Fabrizio Sassi, Alessandro Del Vecchio,Davide Dell’Orto, Pier Gonella Mattia Stancioiu, Mauro Desideri and  Francesco Marras   BUY


Embrace Of Souls New Signature

Elevate Records proudly announces that Embrace of souls joined its roster and that the debut cd will soon be available on digital platforms and in dgpk format. Embrace of Souls are the phenomenal creature of Michele Olmi, drummer of Chronosfear, who managed to center around himself a handful of incredible [READ MORE]


Verde Lauro – Passa la nave new video

New video by Verde Lauro taken from the album ‘“Son animali al mondo’. It is the live of the song ‘Passa la Nave’ performed by  Roberto Tiranti on 24-3-2015 during the album presentation concert at the Legend Club in Milan. The rest of the band is made up of Mattia [READ MORE]

Elevate Records

Shades of Ajna – new signature band!!

Elevate Records is proud to announce the entry into its roster of SHADE of AJNA With a name inspired by the sixth chakra, the one that regulates brain, eyes and thought, SOA plays a power with progressive, melodic but elaborate and are made up of components and former components of [READ MORE]


Verde Lauro – Son animali al mondo [Digital release]

Available from today, on all digital platforms, in streaming and digital download, ‘Son animali al mondo’ the first album by Verde Lauro. Verde Lauro is a Swiss / Italian supergroup founded by Fabrizio Sassi and formed by: Pier Gonella (Necrodeath, ex Labyrinth) e Francesco Marras (Screaming Shadow) at guitarsMattia Stancioiu [READ MORE]

Celtic Hills

Celtic Hills – Video Bloods Flow Down

First video taken from the album ‘Blood Over Intents’ for Celtic Hills. After the video Lyrics of ‘Forum Julii’ comes out this video that sees the band in live action. Enjoy