Verde Lauro – Son animali al mondo [Digital release]

Available from today, on all digital platforms, in streaming and digital download, ‘Son animali al mondo’ the first album by Verde Lauro. Verde Lauro is a Swiss / Italian supergroup founded by Fabrizio Sassi and formed by: Pier Gonella (Necrodeath, ex Labyrinth) e Francesco Marras (Screaming Shadow) at guitarsMattia Stancioiu [READ MORE]

Celtic Hills

Celtic Hills – Video Bloods Flow Down

First video taken from the album ‘Blood Over Intents’ for Celtic Hills. After the video Lyrics of ‘Forum Julii’ comes out this video that sees the band in live action. Enjoy


Black Jester – The Divine Comedy [Digital Release]

The third Black Jester album – The Divine Comedy is finally available on all digital streaming and download platforms. Originally released in 1997, it is one of the most important records of the first wave of Italian progressive metal.Together with Asgard, Black Jester was among the first groups to sign [READ MORE]


Verde Lauro on Elevate !!

It was 2014 when the Swiss singer Fabrizio Sassi, animated by his deep passion for the great poet Francesco Petrarca, decided to found a very interesting project to bring immortal verses to music. Fortunately, the sacred fire of metal flows in Fabrizio’s veins and fortunately for us he always surrounds [READ MORE]

Elevate Records

Endless Nine sign for Elevate

Elevate Records is proud to announce a new entry into its roster: ENDLESS NINE !! The group is already working on its new album which will also contain the tracks of the previous EP “Concrete”, three songs with a strong impact between alternatives and progressive, mixed in Berlin by Enrico [READ MORE]


Alogia – Semendria released in CD and on Digital Platforms

The new AlogiA album ‘Semendria’ is now officially released on all digital platforms and in CD format PRESS TO PLAY *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* Semendria marks the return of the band to a peculiar and personal sound: a symphonic power speed at times marked by ‘ethno-metal’ melodic grafts but always with solid roots [READ MORE]

Elevate Records

Neverdream – Figli dell’alba VIDEO LYRICS

New lyric video of Neverdream returning to the scene after a few years of absence. ‘Figli dell’Alba’ anticipates the self-titled album which will be released on all digital platforms on May 22nd and which will be available on physical CD immediately afterwards. *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* Figli dell’Alba is the fifth Neverdream’s CD [READ MORE]


Celtic Hills – Blood Over Intents

  The new Celtic Hills album ‘Blood Over Intents’ is out on all digital platforms in download and streaming. Here is the link:                           The metal proposed by the Celtic Hills is an ‘old school’ power metal that [READ MORE]

Celtic Hills

Celtic Hills – Forum Julii Video

Out today the “FORUM JULII” Lyric video by Celtic Hills that is the first single taken from the forthcoming album ‘BLOOD OVER INTENTS‘ which will be published on April 24 by ELEVATE RECORDS on all digital platforms and at the end of the month on physical support (CD). A disc [READ MORE]

Elevate Records

Alogia – Semendria Video

While the album Semendria is released in Japan (April 15 for Spiritual Beast under Elevate license), the definitive video of the song of the same name is released, which sees the participation of Mark Boals on vocals. Semendria will be released digitally for the rest of the world on May [READ MORE]