William Stravato Survivor
Virtuoso Records

William Stravato – ‘Survivor’

Survivor is William Stravato’s debut album, released in 1999 for Virtuoso Records. LISTEN AND BUY This debut album immediately sheds light on William’s open-mindedness that spans across different genres, from the powerful opener “Icarus Suicide” to off-beat and jazz “Cats”. Obviously as it will also be in all the following [READ MORE]

William Stravato Cybertones
Virtuoso Records

William Stravato – ‘Cybertones’

VR-06 Release date 19/04/2019 LISTEN AND BUY Cybertones is the second album by William stravato, released in 2002, two years after his debut “Survivor’, finally available on all digital music platforms. His music is inspired by jazz, fusion, rock and progressive. His inventiveness and taste float on a musical base [READ MORE]