Watershape sign for Elevate Records

A new group is added to the Elevate family, we are talking about WATERSHAPE, a band that will interest all those who are passionate about the more progressive facets of metal, as per the purest ELEVATE tradition with groups such as Empty Tremor, Power Of Omens, Abstracta .. ..








The band was founded in 2014 by Francesco Tresca (drummer of Arthemis and ex Power Quest and Hypnotheticall) together with Mirko Marchesini (guitar – Sonum and ex Hypnotheticall), Mattia Cingano (bass – ex Hollow Haze), Enrico Marchiotto (keyboards) and Nicolò Cantele (voice).

Watershape play progressive music influenced both by progressive rock of the 70s (King Crimson, Genesis, Gentle Giant,….) And by modern progressive metal (Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Opeth,….) Very close, in some respects, to the concept of artists such as Steven Wilson and the Porcupine Tree.

After having released 2 singles and some covers, in 2018 the first album entitled “Perceptions” is released.

The title of the disc reflects the idea that everyone can perceive the different songs in a different way, also within the compositions there are different shades and styles that can stir up various emotions in the listener.

The album gets excellent reviews.

The band promotes the album live during 2018 and 2019, also supporting bands such as Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin and Secret Sphere.

In 2020 the band completes the recording and mixing / mastering of the second album entitled “You are not”, which represents a big step forward in the development of an increasingly personal style.

The album will be released on Elevate Records on all digital platforms and in physical format (colored vinyl), preceded by a single and a video.

Soon new details on the artwork and the release date of the album.

Video of “Beyond the line of being“ from the album “Perceptions” dated 2018

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