Rain Veil – Verses


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RainVeil are a Melodic Metal band founded in February 2013.
The band was born in Lodi by the willing of Matteo Ricci and Luca Maddonini. Following a scrupulous research, the band was completed by Luca Intropidi, Luca Fontana and Luca Carrara.

From here began the RainVeil project, a band which try to forge some various musical styles, creating a mix of Melodic, Alternative, Progressive and Heavy, all of this is surrounded by conceptual and originals texts dealing with artistic, social, psychological and other topics.
In 2014 the band releases its first EP called Verse Zero.

After severl line-up changes Matteo Ricci, Luca Maddonini and Pietro Canette, bass player that had joined the band in December 2013, carry on the project until today.