Calico Jack – S/T



Calico Jack, with their self-titled debut, want to pay homage to the mythical figures of Pirates and to this era that entered the imagination worldwide, with a series of tracks combining the primordial power of metal, fierce, fast and aggressive as a buccaneer crew ready for  boarding, with the dreamy melodies of Celtic folk, played in the album by fiddler Laura Brancorsini (Furor Gallico), that could be heard on board those same galleons.

Among stories of blood and revenge (“Sharkbite Johnny”), alcoholic and reveler hymns (“Grog Jolly Grog”), obscure sea legends (“The Secret of Cape Cod”) and an epic suite dedicated to the story of Calico Jack, the album wants to bring the listener into the Golden Age of Piracy, making it walking the plank with a cutlass pointed at his back.

Postproduction by Mattia Stancioiu (Labyrinth, Crown of Autumn), cover art by Seldon Hunt
(Neurosis, Nachtmystium).