Title :Schräge Musik

Cat # ERDGT01003
Barcode : digital release
Rel Date: 2020

The Guardian of the 7 Stars
Big Totem

Schräge Musik, which may also be spelled Schraege Musik, was a common name for an automatic cannon or machine gun that fires upward, on an interceptor plane, such as a night fighter. The term was introduced by the German Luftwaffe during World War II. However, “Schräge Musik” previously, in the German colloquial language, meant music that featured an unusual tuning and / or a particular tempo. By itself, the word Schräge has often been translated as “oblique”, although it can instead be translated into English as “strange”.
And  ‘strange’ – or rather particular – it is certainly this EP by Celtic Hills led by Jonathan Vanderbilt.
In fact, ‘Schräge Music’ differs slightly from the previous ‘Blood Over Intents’, embracing sounds that are more powerful and immediate but no less interesting. It could only be like this because the EP was born as a fun among friends that Jonathan called to collaborate to create something shared and choral.

Among the various guests also Joe Caggianelli (Ex Derdian and currently Starbynary) and Leo Giraldi (Starbynary).

The ep is available ONLY IN DIGITAL FORMAT and you can listen to it in streaming or download on all digital platforms