Skyblazer Sign For Elevate Records

Elevate Records is happy to announce that Swedish power metal band Skyblazer enters its roster and will release their first album titled “Infinity’s Wings” in early 2023.

Skyblazer is a solo power metal officially founded by baritone vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Johannes Frykholm (Symphonity, Palantír) who has already released an EP in 2021 entitled “Time For Deliverance”

Skyblazer is focused on playing uplifting melodic power metal with catchy melodies and a lot of happiness. The main influences to Skyblazer’s music are Dragonforce, Power Quest, Freedom Call and Sonata Arctica.
The EP “Time For Deliverance” was met with acclaim from internet forums and power metal media alike, and Skyblazer was even briefly mentioned by the giant Sweden Rock Magazine in an interview with Johannes’ other band Symphonity.


See you soon for more news on the exact release date and further information.